OnChain Pepe

Unveiling the first 88 Pepe ERC404 NFTs eternally inscribed on-chain. Rarity redefined, ownership exclusive.
You can never own them all.

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88 Pepe ERC404 NFTs — crafted and stored with unmatched permanence in the Ethereum ledger. Each Pepe is a distinctive digital artifact, randomly forged and enshrined within the blockchain, free from external dependencies. As curators of this exclusive collection, we embrace the dawn of a new digital renaissance, where art endures, ownership is absolute, and the community's will shapes our collective legacy in the DeFi era.

Stored On Chain

Every Pepe springs to life directly within the Ethereum blockchain, minted as an immutable ERC-404 token. Our on-chain approach guarantees absolute permanence, with no reliance on external links or IPFS — your Pepe is as eternal as the blockchain itself.

Limited Supply

Capped at the sacred number of 88, our collection of Pepe NFTs is a testament to exclusivity and rarity. Each NFT is a unique concoction, randomly birthed by the smart contract in a single moment of blockchain alchemy.

"Fractions" Burned

In the OCP404 universe, fractional ownership ignites a transformative process. Possess over one $OCP404 token, and witness the birth of a new Pepe NFT. Hold less, and watch a Pepe NFT return to the digital ether, its essence forever refining the rarity of those that remain.

OnChainPepe Tokens

Hosting Reinvented. All On Chain.

No IPFS. No risk of modification. No risk of deletion.
ERC404 The new and innovative token Standard.

Community Driven

Born from a decentralized dream, OnChain Pepe is a testament to community empowerment. Join us on this unprecedented journey and be part of blockchain history where every Pepe contributes to the legacy of ERC404s.

Dual-Token Ecosystem

OCP404 is pioneering a dual-token model, merging the tangibility of NFTs with ERC404's fluidity. Experience a market where tokens translate into rare digital collectibles, and fractions evolve into tradable assets.

100% Decentralized

OCP404 is the epitome of decentralization. By relinquishing control, we've entrusted the project entirely to the community.
Your Pepe isn't just an NFT; it's a stake in a future unbound by central authority.

Liquidity Locked

Securing your trust, our liquidity is locked away for generations. With an 88-year commitment, we're not just in it for the long haul — we're here to stay. Verify our lock and witness the dedication.

Verify renounced ownership.
Verify LP lock.
Verify Liquity Lock on UNCX.

SVGs Stored On-Chain

Revolutionizing NFT authenticity, each OnChain Pepe is a blockchain native, living entirely within Ethereum's immutable ledger.
No external links, no IPFS — just pure, unadulterated digital art that's yours for eternity.

SVGs: Scalable Vector Graphics

Tokenomics and Minting

When tokens are transferred, if the amount was >= 1, a new NFT minted as an ERC-721 token. This ensures that the minting process is direct1y 1inked to the activity w1thin the ecosystem, creating a dynam1c and interactive minting experience.
If a fraction of a token is transferred (not discrete - e.g. 1.5 tokens), 1 ERC-721 NFT wi11 be minted and transferred, while the remainder (0.5 tokens) will be transferred as ERC-20.

Finite Max Supply

Exclusivity is our core, with only 88 OnChain Pepes ever to exist.
Minted through innovative ERC404 tech, each Pepe is a rare gem in the digital realm, ensuring balance in our dual-token system.

Tokens Burned

In the OCP404 world, token dynamics are reimagined. Transfers ignite creation or destruction, with full tokens birthing new Pepes and fractions leading to burns — a perpetual dance of genesis and reclamation.

Rarity Rankings

Dive into a collection where rarity reigns supreme. Each OnChain Pepe boasts unique attributes, from skin to shirt colors. It's a curated rarity system that makes every NFT a coveted piece of the Pepeverse.

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How To Buy $OCP404

The only place to buy or sell $OCP404 safely from at the moment is Uniswap.

OnChainPepe ($OCP404) Contract on Ethereum Mainnet:
logo 0xB87b96868644d99Cc70a8565BA7311482eDEBF6e

Decentralized Exchanges:
uni Trade $OCP404 on Uniswap
1inch Trade $OCP404 through 1inch

Centralized Exchanges:
Coming soon, stay tuned!

Charts, Trackers, and Analytics:
coingecko Coingecko
dextools Dextools
dexscreener DexScreener
dexguru DexGuru
geckoterminal Gecko Terminal
defined Defined.fi
opensea Collection on OpenSea

Some centralized exchanges may (or may have already) list OnChainPepe token ($OCP404) for trading. However, we haven't listed it on any YET, so please be careful and trade through Uniswap until we announce CEX listings.
Also, always verify the contract address of the token you are buying on decentralized exchanges and make sure it is the correct one so you don't lose your hard-earned money!

Pepe NFTs

Non-Fungible On-Chain Pepes

There can only be 88 unique circulating NFTs that can be traded or transferred.
Each NFT will be randomly generated out of a pool of feature variations.

Skin Colors

There are 22 different skin colors.

Lip Colors

There are 12 different skin colors.

Shirt Colors

There are 7 different skin colors.

Total Number of Combinations

1,848 different Pepe NFTs can be minted.
22 x 12 x 7 = 1848


Future Developments


OnChainPepe is 100% a community driven project
making unstoppable progress with the power of Blockchain.

The team behind this project is actively exploring the development of new primitives with ERC404s, signaling a commitment to innovation and continuous improvement. The announcement of the new roadmap outlining short, medium, and long-term goals is anticipated, which will likely detail further enhancements and expansions of the project’s features and ecosystem.

This comprehensive approach to NFT creation, rarity ranking, and tokenomics, combined with a strong commitment to security and project longevity, exemplifies the innovative potential of community-taken-over-projects in the blockchain and web3 spaces.

OnChainPepe Community

Join Our Thriving Community

Together we shall become a force to be reckoned with.

Token Holders

Total Supply

Circulating Supply


Days Live

"Why worry about a bull market when you can have a bullfrog market? Ribbit, ribbit, crypto-hop to the moon!"

Pepe #05 - CEO, Pepe Motors.

"I wanted to start a crypto band, but all we had were tadpoles and some frogs who could only croak in Morse code. Our debut album's just dots and dashes, man."

Pepe #58 - Lead Singer for Red Hot Chili Pepes.

"I'm not a financial advisor, but if I were, I'd probably say something like 'Invest in hops, not flops.' It's a frog thing, you wouldn't understand."

Pepe #30 - Owner, Pepe Mavericks.

"They said I couldn't understand blockchain technology. I told them, 'I'm a frog, I've been jumpin' blocks my whole life!'"

Pepe #63 - Author of The Pepe Standard.

"Price is what you pay. Pepe is what you get."

Pepe #55 - CEO, Berkshire Pepeway

"They say money can't buy happiness, but have they tried buying a rare Pepe NFT? It's pretty close, I tell ya!"

Pepe #33 - Famous Actor

"Cryptocurrency is like catching flies in the crypto-net. The trick is to HODL onto them and watch your portfolio grow!"

Pepe #71 - Wellknown Businessman

"I thought I created the first 'Toad-ally' decentralized currency, but it turns out it was just a tadpole in the blockchain."

Pepe #69 - Wellknown Entrepreneur